Maxires continues to engage the services of “CS Legal Solutions” since March 2011 and we are extremely happy to report that their service to us continues to be best in class, trustworthy and dependable. I am glad to say that what impresses me about the professionalism that the organization can bring with fine eye for detailing, seeking extra insights and documents to ensure that the same is correct as well as complete, accurate and advice based on current and future needs and trends.
Maxires wishes “CS Legal Solutions” the very best in years to come.

Mr. G. Deveanand, Director
Maxires Training and Consulting Private Limited.

I planned to buy a flat near Koyambedu. The price and the location etc. were upto everybody's satisfaction in the family. I collected the papers from the owner of the flat and gave them to Mr.Surendar for a legal opinion. I also told him that I am very keen on buying this flat. Mr.Surendar got back to me wanting one more paper and told that it is very important that we get this paper and scrutinise thoroughly. The owner was unhappy that I am not settling the deal and argued with me that Mr.Surendar is fussing over this paper and it is not all that important. He did not give the paper and I dropped the deal. Later I got to know that someone else had bought that place after verifying with a lawyer. The buyer has got into a legal issue and keeps going to the court not knowing when it is going to end.
Knowing my eagerness to buy this flat if Mr.Surendar had done a superficial job, I would have got hooked. Thanks to him I escaped.

Ms. Latha,
Resident of Nungambakkam, Chennai.

As we are engaged in real estates, we are in constant need of legal services. We started to engage the services of Mr. Surendar and Mrs. Chenthoori three years ago and we are glad to record our utmost satisfaction in their promptness and commitment to the profession. We look forward for a long lasting relationship with them.

Mr. R.Krishnamoorthy,
Managing Director,
RK Imay Property Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Patwise Consulting Solutions has partnered with CS Legal in providing legal support for our clients’ IPR needs. Since we deal with two ends of services, i.e., CS Legal and our clients, it takes more efforts for Patwise to communicate the needs and CS Legal has been providing extraordinary guidance, professional conduct and ethics in their services. This makes life at Patwise a lot easier!

Mr. Vinayan Sreedharan,
Managing Director,
Patwise Consulting Solutions.

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